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Guest Editorial

'Slow Medicine' - Right for Fast-Paced Singapore?
By Dr Jeremy Lim, Guest Editor


Interview with Dr Hayden Bosworth
By Dr Jeremy Lim

President's Forum

Magical Generation
By Dr Chong Yeh Woei, 50th SMA President



Council News



Joint Environmental Occupational Toxicology Clinic

Singapore Medical Council Elections 2009

Singapore Medical Journal Golden Jubilee Conference



American Healthcare - The Winner Takes It All
By Dr Toh Han Chong, Editor


'Slow Medicine' and Step-Down Care

Transforming Healthcare Delivery in Singapore
By Dr Ho Han Kwee

10 Simple Rules for 21st Century Healthcare in Singapore
By Dr Louis Tan

Medical Education for Slow Medicine and Step-Down Care
By Prof John Wong

Back to the Future
By Prof Robert Kamei and Prof Ranga Krishnan

Reactions to PM Lee's National Day Rally Comments on Healthcare

Psychiatric Step-Down Care: Racing with Turtles?
By Dr Lim Boon Leng, Editorial Board Member

Fast to Slow Medicine
By Dr Tan Poh Kiang, Editorial Board Member

The Case for Rehabilitation Medicine Physicians in Singapore
By Dr Peter Lim

Singapore Healthcare: Challenges Today and Building a Better Tomorrow
By Dr Tan Wu Meng, Editorial Board Member



Don't Forget the 'System' in Healthcare System
By Dr Jeremy Lim



Step-down Care


Personally Speaking

Mission Trip to 'Little Tibet'
By Dr Marcus Ang


News In Brief

News In Brief


The views and opinions expressed in all the articles are those of the authors. These are not the views of the Editorial Board nor the SMA Council unless specifically stated so in writing. The contents of the Newsletter are not to be printed in whole or in part without prior written approval of the Editor.

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