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The Making of the SMA Lecture 2007: Physician Leadership
By Prof Woo Keng Thye

President's Forum

Doctors Thinking, Thinking Doctors
By Dr Wong Chiang Yin, SMA President

Council News

1. 48th SMA Council - Resignation and Co-option
2. Council Dialogue with Members

3. In Aid of Needy Medical Students

4. Adopt-A-Book Campaign

SMA Lecture 2007

Citation of Prof Woo Keng Thye
By A/Prof Chan Yew Weng

SMA Survey

2006 Survey of GP Clinic Practice Costs in Singapore


SMA 11th Ethics and Professionalism Convention
By Ms Pauline Teo, Project Executive


MRSA Infections in Singapore - Public Reporting to What End?
By Dr Jeremy Lim, Editorial Board Member

Foreign Doctors

A Different World
By Dr Oh Jen Jen, Deputy Editor

Interview with Prof Mohamad Khadra
By Dr Oh Jen Jen, Deputy Editor

Interview with Dr Atul Gawande
By Dr Hsu Liyang, Editorial Board Member

Working in the National Health Service in UK
By Dr Grace Yang

Sea Change
By Dr Christopher Wong

Book Reviews

Making the Cut: A Surgeon's Stories of Life on the Edge
By Dr Oh Jen Jen, Deputy Editor

Better: A Surgeon's Notes on Performance
By Dr Hsu Liyang, Editorial Board Member

Movie Review

Michael Moore's SiCKO - Another Heroic Failure?
By Dr Victor Van Hee


Guide to Starting Specialist Private Practice


Osler's Notes


News in Brief


The views and opinions expressed in all the articles are those of the authors. These are not the views of the Editorial Board nor the SMA Council unless specifically stated so in writing. The contents of the Newsletter are not to be printed in whole or in part without prior written approval of the Editor.

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