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August 2011

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Guiding the World in Cancer Care
Interview with Dr William T McGivney

President's Forum

Nature of the Beast
Dr Chong Yeh Woei ponders humanity


SMA-ITE Skills Certificate in Healthcare (Outpatient)
Keen to upgrade the skills of your clinic staff?

Honouring Excellence
Congratulations to the recipients of the National Day Awards 2011!

Personally Speaking

Bridging the Chasm with the “Fourth Competency”
Dr Gan Wee Hoe has an interesting proposal

Litigation and Dispute Resolution
Dr Bertha Woon offers some suggestions


The Inspectorate of the Dead Unit
Dr Paul Chui and Lim Sin Seng look back on the history of a special medical unit

News in Brief

Combination Niacin-Statin Treatment Does Not Decrease Cardiovascular Events

Medical Students’ Mailbox

Winners All Around
Spotlight on Duke-NUS’s Seah Cheng Siang College

The Way of the Sword
Tan Zehao is an avid practitioner of kendo


Good But Could Be Better
Editorial Board Member Dr Jeremy Lim examines the upcoming changes in healthcare


Clash of the TiTANs
Guess who has the Hobbit’s vote?

Sensory Classics

Concerts of the Month
Dr Chang Tou Liang has two concerts to recommend

Sensory Interest Groups

Hobbies Galore

Sensory Travel

Road to Rajasthan
Dr Arjun Choong recounts the sights and sounds

A Step into the Past
Chang Theng Hwee goes in search of the lost Mayan civilisation


CME Activities September 2011

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